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Our Firm

At Chab Accouning our aim is to help our clients succeed, while building strong relationships across sectors of the economy.

Our firm strives continuously to deliver the highest quality services exceeding our clients’ expectations and achieve growth, both within the firm and in our clients’ businesses. We have experience in both the private and public sectors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients develop the strategy, motivation and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives.

We are dedicated to helping your business in more ways than one. Our services are founded on sound business practices, built on solid ethical platform and offered by professionals committed to your success.

Skills and Experiences

Accounting, Payroll and Tax Administration
Budgeting and Planning
Financial Data Reconstruction and Reconciliations
Interim Financial Management and Accounting Support

Our Products and Services

our services

Performance Reporting

Any business decision-making that does not integrate financial information is more likely than not to have undesired results. Our business performance reports are regular, written for your specific information needs and easy to understand.

Budgeting and Planning

Just like a captain without a compass, a business without a budget has no path and means of measuring its performance.


Payroll is complex and can divert resources away from your core business .Our aim is to relieve you of the burden of running a legally compliant payroll department.


Tax law is highly technical and being caught on the wrong side will have a negative impact on our business. Rest assured that your tax affairs are in the hands of trained professionals.

Financial Data Reconstruction and Reconciliations

Some small businesses will in the meantime survive without proper record keeping and financial information. This is however borrowed time practice as it’s only a matter of time before stakeholder (SARS, bank, auditor, potential client, major supplier, etc) requests financial information.

Interim Financial Management and Accounting Support

It is understandable that most small businesses cannot justify the appointment of full-time financial manager or accountant. However a need still exists for a professionally qualified and experienced manager to assist in strategic and other decision making.

Business Process Management

Lack of properly defined and managed Business Process Management practices results in many owners and senior managers in a small business environment spending too much time solving everyday problems that “only they can solve”, which prevents them from growing their ideal business. We can help you correct this and build a superior organization with increased compliance, control and delivery of results that customers care about. After the client discovery and assessment phases of the project, Chab will deliver the following: